Sod Installation

Professional Bermuda And Zoysia Sod Installation Services

Expert Sod Installation Through years of experience

We provide high quality Bermuda and Zoysia sod installation services with a proven track record of success. Our team of experienced professionals will ensure a seamless and effecient process.

The right sod for your lawn

At Empire Landscaping, we offer both Bermuda and Zoysia sod options to suit different lawn conditions. Whether you have a sunny yard or a shaded area, we have the perfect sod solution for you.

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Sunny Yards

Our Bermuda sod is ideal for full sun areas, providing a lush and vibrant lawn.

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Shaded Areas

For shaded lawns, our Zoysia sod thrives and maintains its beauty even in low light conditions.

Sod Installation:
Our 3 step Process

At Empire Landscaping, we’ve perfected a three step process to ensure your new lawn turf has the best chance to thrive. Our method ensures your yard will be prepared correctly, resulting in a beautiful and resilient lawn. 

Prep the lawn

We cut out the existing grass from the designated areas, ensuring a clean slate for your new lawn.

Enrich The soil

We add our premium compost mix to your soil and till it in. We will also perform any light grading to correct undulations for a proper slope.

Install and Roll Sod

We lay your fresh sod, securing it in place with precision. Our team rolls the sod to be sure all areas are level.

Bringing your lawn to life

Your path to a beautiful, vibrant lawn starts here.

Client Reviews

Discover what our valued customers are saying about their experinces.

Patrick and Matt shared a number of suggestions on how to make my landscaping more appealing. The end result is fantastic!
Homeowner, Allen
I had Empire lay some sod and do an extruded concrete mower edging around our house. Excellent service and attention to detail. Quotes were accurate and reasonable. I highly recommend this business.
Homeowner, Fairview

Upgrade your yard with new sod

Get a lush, green lawn with our professional sod installation services.

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