Yard Drainage

Expert Drainage Services To Protect Your Property

Effective Drainage Systems and Solutions

Prevent erosion and protect your property with our professional yard drainage services. Our team of experts will assess your landscape and provide effective solutions tailored to your specific needs.

French Drains:
Efficient Water Management

French drains are the unsung heroes of drainage systems. Designed for optimal water collection and dispersion, these drains efficiently prevent yard flooding, protect against soil erosion, and help you avoid costly foundation damage. By collecting water the entire length of the pipe, French drains effectively drain water away from problem areas, ensuring that your landscape remains beautiful and your property’s foundation remains secure. With French drains, you can trust in a robust, efficient solution that keeps your yard dry and your investments protected.

french drain cross section

Implementing Yard drainage solutions

At Empire Landscaping, we follow a comprehensive process to assess and implement yard drainage systems that effectively protect against erosion and divert gutters for proper drainage.

Initial Assessment and Site Evaluation

Our team begins by conducting an initial assessment and site evaluation to understand the specific drainage needs of your yard

Customized Drainage Solution Design

Based on the assessment, we create a customized drainage solution design and tailored to address the unique challenges of your yard.

Professional Installation and Implementation

Our experienced team handles the skilled installation and implementation of the drainage system, ensuring optimal functionality and effectiveness.

Prevent Yard Flooding with Proper Drainage solutions

Proper drainage is essential for homeowners as it helps prevent yard
flooding, soil erosion, and foundation damage. Our expert team at Empire
Landscaping offers effective drainage solutions that ensure your property stays dry and protected.

french drain installed along a property line plano tx

Drainage Solutions

We manage water efficiently to ensure your peace of mind.


Learn more about our yard drainage services and find answers to common questions.

Drainage issues can be caused by factors such as poor soil drainage, improper grading, or clogged gutters. Our experts can assess the problem and provide effective solutions.

To prevent drainage problems, ensure proper grading, clean gutters regularly, and consider installing drainage systems or French drains. Our team can help you implement the right solutions.

Yes, we specialize in fixing existing drainage system issues. Our experienced team will assess the problem and provide tailored solutions to ensure proper water flow and prevent future problems.

The cost of drainage system installation depends on various factors such as the size of the area, the complexity of the project, and the materials used. Contact us for a personalized quote.